Terms of Use

Appraisers listing at this time may list for free. Appraisers listing on this site agree to simple terms as they complete the listing process which takes only a few minutes.

All those looking for appraisers for appraisal requests may use this site. An individual ordering an appraisal from an appraiser may copy his personal information only for use to request an appraisal on the day the request is made to the appraiser. To obtain or copy any information about an appraiser for any reason besides making a specific appraisal request to an appraiser, the information must be obtained directly from the site's owner, and permission must be obtained in writing from the site's owner to copy any information.

The site may not be used to solicit appraisers or others listed on the site. No data may be copied from this site. Appraisers on this site may only be contacted to request their services as appraisers. Contacting appraisers to purchase products or to list on another site is a violation of the terms of use of this site. Copying any information on this site is a violation of copyright laws and is illegal. Violators agree to pay all court costs and legal fees incurred by the owner of this site, including fees for time and transportation of the site's owner to and from all proceedings.

Appraiser Terms

If I enter any misleading or questionable information, or enter any information which is deemed by the site manager to be unprofessional, my listing may be edited warning users of the site, and/or my listing may be removed from this site. I understand that the management of ZipAppraisers.com may edit my listings in any way they deem necessary.

I have included my first and last names, my physical address , my phone numbers, and my appraiser license number, and I will update these when there are changes.

I agree that I will not hold ZipAppraisers.com, its owners, its employees, or its associates liable for any inaccurate information published on the internet, for any time in which this site is not functional, for any information not received, or for any down time for any websites provided for me.

I agree to check the site regularly for updated terms and conditions, including information which will allow me to edit my listing and pay for a position on state, county, city, and zipcode pages.

I will list only in places where I appraise regularly, and where I know the area and have appraised in fairly recently. ( Appraisers who list in hundreds of cities may be removed at the site owners discretion for preservation of credibility of the site).

In exchange for this free listing, I will take a few minutes of my time to call a few appraisers to invite them to list free on ZipAppraiser, and I will invite others to ZipAppraiser.com on my own.

I WILL INFORM or SHOW MY CLIENTS and OTHER USERS of appraisal services, who call me, that they can locate appraisers in other areas on ZipAppraisers.com. (Every referral is likely to bring business back to you as they use the site more.)

I give ZipAppraisers.com and its associates the right to contact me via email, phone, fax, or by any other means, and I will edit my listing on ZipAppraisers.com when any of my contact information changes.

The email address I have entered is valid and checked regularly. Emails sent to this address won't get blocked or bounced back. I agree to keep the email address in my listing up to date, or I realize I might not receive emails & orders sent from customers of this site.

I understand that I will not be billed for these free listings as I pay nothing. I realize that I may get a paid and bolded listing or/and a website by contacting ZipAppraisers through feedback after I contact a few appraisers to list free.

If I get a website from ZipAppraisers,I also agree that I will not violate any copyrights by what I put on my site, or by uploading photos to which I do not own the rights.